Office Supplies: Environmental Labels

The term "bioplastic" is not protected and consists petrochemical as well as bio-based plastics. Basically, both types can be biodegradable. Bio-based plastics, which are proved to be produced on the basis of bio-based raw-materials, replace limited petroleum based raw-materials and the higher their amount the more they absorb carbon dioxide. This can be proved by a quality label as well. Concerning office supplies technological aspects, longevity as well as resilience of the material should play a main role concerning biodegradability.

Because of their small amount of market share recycle and waste assorting systems products made of bioplastics are not yet economic. Nonetheless the volume of bioplastic increases. Because of that the interest on sustainable exploitation systems is rising. At the moment, it is regarding an economic and ecological point of view reasonable to burn products directly. In this case the contained energy can be used carbon dioxide neutral.