Office Supplies

The diversity of materials in the area of office products is various. This is visible in the different traits of "sustainable materia". Wood and different bioplastics are the main components of rulers, punchers, desk pads, pen holder or paperclips. For the production of bioplastics there are different sustainable materials usable: Sugar of sugar beet or sugar cane, starch of corn, wheat or potatoes, oil made of soy or rape seed plants, cellulose and lignin of wood. "Old nature commodities" are rediscovers as a possible material, e.g. natural rubber for rubbers.

These products reveal obvious advantages for the environment concerning the consumption of fossil resources and are also positive regarding environment protection. While producing bioplastic less Greenhouse gases are emitted in comparison to the production von conventional plastics. At the moment bioplastics are still at the beginning of their development, which indicates that advantages for the environment will continue to grow.