Windows & Doors

For many municipalities and private building owners environment-friendly productions as well as disposal in Germany are an important reason to choose window frames made of wood for new building and renovation. Wood scores in terms of greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, acidification, ozone building, eco-toxicity, primary energy and remnant landfill. Thereby, the origin is expelled from sustainable forestry and respective certification marks such as FSC, Holz von Hier, natureplus and PEFC.

Environment protection is often in competition with employment problems, competitiveness and protection of location. Most of the time, it is neglected that environment protection is the essence of economic and social activity. A substantial aspect is the increase of productivity of resources is the essence of innovation, security of supply and protection of location.

Wood and utilization

Windows made of wood are a compound of valuable material such as wood, glass and metal. Regular maintenance and foster will help that they last a lot longer. In the end those windows can be disposed effective and environment friendly. A disposal via landfill or waste incineration plant is neither useful nor necessary.

Windows made of wood are usually no waste which needs to be supervised. The new wood waste regulation (AltholV) regulates what needs to be done. In favor of an environment friendly disposal, e.g. thermic further processing, wood waste will be divided into four categories. PCB-charged wood waste has an exceptional position.