Textile Flooring

Around 90 % of textile floorings are made of man-made fibers, such as polyamide, polyacryl, polyester or polyprobylen. Those materials are used more often, because they contain technical equipment, e.g. flame guard chemicals.

Only 10 % of textile floorings are made of wool and goat hair, wool-synthetic-mixtures, sisal, coconut, seaweed, jute, silk or cotton.

For regular cleaning floorings made of man-made fibers are beneficial for allergy sufferer, because dust is absorbed of the flooring and is completely bonded. Further the dust is not raised easily in comparison to wood floorings.

Furthermore, it is often not the floorings that is responsible for indoor pollution, but the used back foundations, glue, first coats and spackle

See also: https://www.blauer-engel.de/en/products/home-living/textile-floorcoverings

Floorings made of sustainable raw-materials raise life quality at the life place “Working place office”