Flexible Floorings

Cork carpet, wood flour and linseed oil are reliable raw-materials for flexible floorings. Linseed oil is the basis for linoleum covered floor, which is produced in Germany since 1860. Further, linseed oil is extracted from the semen of flax. Usually linoleum is distributed as commodity rolls or commodity tilings.

Cork is mainly extracted of the crust of the cork oak in Portugal and Spain. Over centuries the trees can be peeled every 8 to 10 years. The economic exploitation of cork oak forests saves the existence of a lot of peasants. At the same time peeling off oak trees is an important contribution to preserve landform in Portugal and Spain.

A feature of cork is excellent warmth- and sound isolation as well as moist behavior. Moreover, other attributes are feet-friendly, joint-friendly, easy-care, rot-proof and barely electrostatic charging.

Floorings made of rubber or corks are labelled with the “Blue Angel” and emit only little Pollutants into the atmosphere and do not influence the User´s health. See also https://www.blauer-engel.de/en/products/construction/elastic-floor-coverings/floor-coverings-flexible-edition-february-2011

Additionally to elastic floorings nature-resin-glue, nature-waxes, detergents as well as maintenance products are available on a basis of sustainable raw-material.