Office Design

Eco-friendly facility- and room designing include a certain user behavior and promote motivation and health of employees. Therefor the topic sustainability is represented in numerous offices and receives a significant attention. The office is not only a workplace, but a living environment for all the different work-tasks, events and people of all ages. Work and privacy melt more and more to a unit. This results in a diverse requirement of design, regardless of open space offices or single-offices and technical equipment. Indoor climate and appearance enter the spotlight more and more. As a result, natural materials, diversified colors and health aspects are en vogue. Meanwhile, a lot of employers acknowledged that under consideration these soft factors, motivation and identification of employees towards a company can rise. As a consequence, creative elements find more often place in a sustainable company philosophy.

The connection within public administration to climate-friendly characteristics from products of renewable resources can be created with public procurement. Integral economic efficiency includes economic overhead costs from investment goods, long-term usage and adequate intrinsic value. The potential of carbon dioxide conservation is in areas such as office design or facility management extremely high and there is a wide range of material which with a proven warranty of a healthy room climate.

The city of Munich benefits the usage of renewable and carbon saving materials with a "Carbon-Bonus": Münchner Förderprogramm Energieeinsparung