Rear wall elements

Several bio-based materials have been used to demonstrate the various (optical) possibilities of natural wall design for the rear walls. Different natural building materials for interior insulation are presented on the back (blackboards on the outside). Seaweed as a waste product from the sea is an innovative example of natural insulation.

Desk chair

Height-adjustable swivel chair with adjustable lumbar support and seat dynamics, FSC certified wood core. Seat cover: "Cradle to Cradle" certified (CLIMATEX). Further material sorted, recycled plastics. Proven precursors and local supplier network, environmental management system of the manufacturer and reverse logistics. Rate of recycled material 96%.

Chairs for visitors

Dynamic sitting – good for the back and to increase concentration.

Chair: Beech wood-multiplex material from sustainable forestry (FSC-certified), removable upholstery, pure wool, tested for harmful substances - proven with eco-INSTITUT-Label, cushion core made of coir, stackable, seesawing back, five-year warranty.

Stool: Beech wood from sustainable forestry, naturally oiled. Padding: 100% pure new wool, not colored with heavy metals, EU Ecolabel - awarded the Green Product Award 2013.

Office supplies

Bioplastics play an increasingly important role in innovative and creative office supplies. They consist for example of wood (lignin), sugar or starch crops, thus contributing to climate- and resource protection. Recyclability, biodegradability or transparent supply chains are documented by recognized certification marks and ensure that the products meet sustainability requirements.

Office furniture

System furniture (can be retrofitted) from FSC certified domestic solid birch wood. Desk is ergonomic and height-adjustable, tabletop has a modern freeform, natural surface treatment, low on pollutants and emissions - proved by Eco-Institut label.

Mobile pedestal

The drawers contain several bio-based office supplies: pencils and bio-plastic pen, erasers made of natural rubber, calculator made of bamboo and bio-plastic, bio-based glue sticks, tape with solvent-free coating, water-based correction fluid and envelopes in recycling quality (with the certification mark Blauer Engel (German Blue Angel), FSC or PEFC).

Door, windows

Wood from domestic sustainable forestry. A lot can be done for climate and resource protection with wooden furniture, doors and windows ash wood/door and pine wood/windows were chosen for "the bio-based office". Label: PEFC


Linoleum: Linseed oil, natural resins, wood flour, limestone powder, jute and environmentally safe pigments. Certificates: Blauer Engel (German Blue Angel) , natureplus

Cottage plank: Local ash from sustainable forestry. Certificates: Blauer Engel (German Blue Angel), PEFC

Carpet: Goat hair and virgin sheep’s wool, allergy-friendly. Certificates: Blauer Engel (German Blue Angel)

A bio-based product world at the workplace provides health benefits as well as contributes to climate and resource protection.

Public decision makers + procurers can take significant influence on the product selection through procurement.